Infonosis is very active in the website monitoring business, taking part in the development and promotion of a monitoring tool named internetVista®.
internetVista® monitors your web site and your internet services.
internetVista® monitors remotely and continuously the different internet services that you place at the disposal of your customers and collaborators:
  • your web servers (HTTP)
  • your secured web servers (HTTPS)
  • your mail servers (SMTP and POP)
  • your newsgroup servers (NNTP)
  • your file servers (FTP)
  • your services based directly on TCP
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To contact us:
 Christophe Darville at Infonosis
 Rue Théodore De Cuyper, 180 - 1200 Bruxelles - Belgium
 Phone: +32 (0) 476 23.59.22 - E-mail:
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